Thursday, June 26, 2008

Work Projects update

We just completed the second week of work projects with 10 volunteers
the first week and 15 the second week, a very full and rewarding two
weeks. We worked on our two neighbors houses, filling rocks and sand
into kitchens and bathrooms to raise them up to match the floor grade,
and then mixing and pouring concrete all via bucket brigade. The job
that never seemed to end was lifting dirt up to the attic of one of
the houses to be used as insulation. All of our volunteers had great
attitudes and all did great work, even our parents! We are now in
Yerevan to spend the last few days with the group before they head
back, then it will be back to the village for more work. We are still
without internet there, but hope to have it in July sometime. We
enjoy your emails and comments, and will try to fill in some blogs
with the great stories we have of village life.

1 comment:

Keidi said...

There you are! I'm glad you're having a good time in the village, but realize how spoiled I was with your tales of life in Yerevan. What are the kids doing in the village? Love to all! Keidi