Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot Chili Pepper by Judi

Once upon a time when we were living in Armenia we were eating dinner and as usual my brother Frank was sucking his fingers.  Mommy had warned him that if he sucks his fingers he would get to meet Mr. Hot Chili Pepper.  Frankie still sucked his fingers.  So then Mommy grabbed one hot chili pepper and Mommy broke it up into two sister and brothers.  So then Frank was just funny.  He put them on his fingers and started to mess around like they were puppets.  And then he took a bite of the end of the top of the pepper.  Then he said, "Ah!" but then he started to mess around like they were puppets again.  And then we all took them off.  Then we all told him to suck his fingers and he listened to us and sucked his fingers.  BUT THEN he started to cry and Mommy gave him some ice cream and then we all finished our food and then we ate our ice cream and Frank just had a fit with Mommy that he wanted more ice cream.

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