Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Construction has begun!

    Today construction officially started with the house we will be renting in the village.  There was a pretty big to-do about it and there were never less than about ten people around and usually only about two were working.  The greatest thing is that two brothers who I met on my first Habitat work project in 2006, were the ones doing the work for us!  This is great because it saves so much time in arguing, although we did do plenty of that we were able to compromise much quicker having mutual respect for each other.  Vahan and Vartan, are really great, not only do they work hard, have tons of experience, but they both have great personalities.  I enjoy working with them very much and am very excited to have such a team set the example for the work in Lusaghbyur. 
    Just a few highlights:
    - ice cream bars served at 11 AM followed immediately by coffee, then no other food for any one until 6pm!
    - six year old boys carrying 40 pound blocks!
    - grandma with the same scarf (same one from Jonelles blog entitled "She Said I Heard") wrapped around her head and her mouth all day!
    - same grandma carrying parts of the demolished wood framed wall with nails and splinters with bare hands in a dress!
    - every single visitor giving advice for what ever it was we were doing!
    - sweeping a room that we are going to work in
    - 5-10 minute argument with the electrical guy (PG&E equivalent) in which we ultimately lost.
    - A horse pulled cart driven by a 10 year old to move furniture.

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Curious George said...

That long gap of no food between 11AM and 6PM can be counted as a partial day of fasting. Now if during that time you also pray... you will be on your way to Sainthood.