Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We were so excited to get the call. We had a care-package waiting for us at the Post Office! Here mail is not delivered to your house. The Post Office in your district telephones you and tells you to come and get your mail! This would sure cut down on all the junk mail we receive in the States! Perhaps we should lobby Congress for this "Pick-Up-Your-Own-Mail-Bill!"...I will start drafting this document very soon! Again, forgive the digression! This wonderful package came only 12 days after it was sent. As you can see it was filled with a wonderful assortment of useful and fun items for everyone in our family! And the best part is it came from BETTY GALLENDER! The coolest thing is that we Kazarian's, don't even know Betty! She is a friend of my dad's 2nd cousin Rowena Bowman. Apparently Rowena and Betty worked together at Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach! That's Long Beach, MISSISSIPPI!!!! We were blown away by her note..."Rowena sent me your blog and I have enjoyed reading about your experiences in Armenia...Upon reading your 1st blog I was moved to sent (the care package)...God Bless You and Keep You, Betty Gallender" We couldn't believe our Armenia blog was being read all the way in MS and then we thought about how cool it would be if we knew all the different places our blog is being read around the world. So, if you have figured out how to make a comment on the blog go ahead and leave your location! Your comments are awesome for feels like we are having a dialogue with y'all! Besides that, I have decided that when our Armenia BOOK comes out...all your comments will be footnotes! So again we thank you BETTY for the WONDERFUL CARE PACKAGE...we have used and enjoyed it ALL!! We are so blessed by you and everyone of you who loves us, prays for us, emails, calls, and reads our blog!!! We love you! Jonelle;)


Keidi said...

I read it!! I read it!! And I agree, comments are the best! Keidi in Mt. Hermon, California.

Kazarian Family said...

We were corrected on this blog and wanted to pass on the right info. Thanks GOHAR!!

Just a note about your pick up the mail posting:o)

In Armenia a letter, envelop, small things usually are delivered to the recipient home and handed in person, this has been the case with Habitat. The mailboxes are forgotten and not being very used recently.

If there is a package then the postmen will call or present a note to recipient to visit post office in person and get the package. I think they do this for security as well. What I have noticed, they even ask look if everything is ok with your package, not broken, etc and sign a paper that it is ok:o) Gohar