Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Judi Is In Love!

This is Judi and her new love David, but if you remember your Eastern Armenian lesson it is pronounced DTAVIDT! Last week Judi came home from Mangabardez and was acting very shy and coy...COMPLETELY UNLIKE THE GIRL!!! She was smiling a lot and wanted paper to make something special for her "friend" at school. Of course, I am thrilled that she has friends at school since before she, Peter & Frank were exclusively calling their classmates, "The ARMENIAN Kids", didn't know anyone's name, and didn't want to learn them either. So she is smiling and now humming "EM YEREVAN" and then she stops and says, "You know Mom, Poker Nerses (that means little Nerses...which presumes there is a Medz Nerses...which there is and he looks like a miniture stocky truck driver with a crux-cut ...) and Dtavidt are really nice." "Yes Jude they are very seeroon (sweet)." "No Mom I mean REALLY Nice!" "Okay Jude, what makes them SOOO nice?" "They are just so....nice and very cute." Sweet Mother of Mary...the girl is 6 and she is telling me...nice and very cute about boys! I knew we should have stayed homeschooling.....but I contained myself..."Yes they are very cute too." "Mom, I'm not for sure but I think God is telling me that I am going to marry Dtavidt, and if not Poker Nerses." (I wonder if they really do get married will they be called Mr. & Mrs. Poker Nerses ....yan?)...she continued, "I mean maybe I am supposed to marry someone else, and I will if God tells me, but right now I am pretty sure God is saying it's gonna be Dtavidt!"
When Kalem came home for dinner that night I wanted Judi to share her "news" with him so like any good Armenian mother I prompted her by saying, "Hey Jude, tell Daddy about your Special friends at school." She was off and running and pretty much used the exact same verbiage to explain her revelation to Kalem. Kalem listened intently and then began to grin from ear to ear; his fingers drumming methodically together. Then in an almost sinister laugh he mumbled loudly, "It's all coming together just as I planned!"
Needless to say when I informed the teachers that Jude had a thing for Dtavidt they dismissed me saying, "Amen achcheegner!" (All the girls love him!)
Now I refer to Dtavidt as my Pesa (son-in-law) and when Judi behaves unkindly to her brothers or does some disgusting thing I say to her, "Now would Dtavidt like a girl who is not nice like he is?" or some such silliness. Yesterday one such instance occurred; Judi sneezed...a disgustingly gross, dripping mess of a sneeze of which she caught on her fingertips---Now the rest of this is not for the faint of heart or those easily disgusted so if you read on and then want to make some comment like, "How could Jonelle write that..." or some such thing...Just know I have forewarned you. Let it be written! Let it be done! So of course part of the drippy, snotty mess lands on her fingers and without so much as batting an eye the finger went straight into her mouth. "GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!" was all I could manage and then I had to keep down my own gag reflex. I was so icked out that all I could think to say was, "Jude, do you think Dtavidt would like a girl who eats her chugklink (snot)?" The question actually caused her to stop and ponder and no more was said.
Today when I picked Jude, Pete, and Franko up from Mangabardez Judi says, "Guess what Mom? You'll never guess! Today Dtavidt was sitting in the corner....EATING HIS BOOGERS!!!, so I guess he really WILL like me!"
Do you see what poor parenting renders?! Just pray that Dtavidt is not the one God is calling her to or THEY BOTH LEAVE THEIR NOSES ALONE! Laugh all you want...just keep YOUR noses clean! Blessings love jonelle;)


Mariel Howsepian-Rodriguez said...

This is AWESOME!!! :)

Kenj said...

Don't forget that old Armenian wisdom:

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose

Just be glad Judi wasn't picking David's nose...

Mick Fuller said...

Charles will be devastated to know that Judi has found someone in Armenia. We have already started saving for the dowery.