Sunday, May 4, 2008

Attitude of Grattitude

We recently had an American guest to our home for dinner, and in
conversing after dinner, I found myself running down a long list of
differences in living between Armenia and America. You might
remember, "the potholes everywhere, traffic lights that don't work,
corrupt police, a very uncomfortable bed, the kids are constantly
getting sick from kindergarden, the gas goes off and so does our hot
water, heater and half of our stove, the internet connection needs to
be reset constantly because it has trouble staying connected, the
water has been off for as long as a full day and about once a week,
and then the worst one of all when the power goes out so does
everything else, since the water is pumped electrically from a tank,
the hot water heater has an automatic electronic ignition, the oven is
electric, and the dsl internet doesn't work with out power." To my
surprise he said something like, "I have been to places where they
don't have any of those problems, because they don't have any of those
things!" I just listened humbly to him tell of life in third world
countries where people live in mud huts, with out any of the luxuries
of gas, power or any other connection to the outside world. Where
they are grateful to have a place to sleep and live off of the dirt.
We were reminded of our family's theme for the year of having an
"attitude of gratitude," something we will defiantly need as we are
soon to transition into life in the village. Where I am sure we will
have a new list of things that don't work like America, or even like
Yerevan. We are so grateful for friends and family, for your prayers
and encouragement, as we struggle with these minor hardships, for the
sake of sharing the good news of salvation by grace through faith, and
as we help provide a little better quality of life and bring a renewed
hope to a downtrodden place.

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