Saturday, May 3, 2008


Janapar has many meanings: Paree Janapar (have a good trip), Vor
Janapar (What Road), Garch Janapar (Short Cut), Oreesh Janapar
(different way), Janapar! (get out of the way).
While working in the village this last week, I found out that our
"front lawn," which is really the back weeds, is really most of the
above. It is a short cut through the houses from the road and fields
down the hill, a different way to go, and it is almost turning into a
road at least for horses drawn carts. I almost use the "Janapar!"
statement to all the people just watching as I was carrying rocks into
the house to raise the bathroom floor.
The project is progressing very nicely, Vahan and Vartan are just
doing the best job. They are sleeping in the house, working 12 hour
days, and are doing quality work. With two local masters I was the
apprentice, moving rocks, mixing cement, bringing tools, etc. When I
volunteered to help build a wall, I was told "do you know how to do
this" Sure I can learn, but their response was, "No, these are
Master's tools, you can bring some water." It was mostly in jest as
I learned quite a bit about different mortar and plaster mixes and
The funniest thing is when I laid the bathroom out originally it was
9' x 9' then they said it was too big, okay I consented down to 6' x
7', and now once the bathroom is built, they said it is too small!
This could be added to Jonelle's blog, "the way it is."

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