Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Top 10 Things We Wish Were NOT in Armenia

10. Smog and relatively few clear days

9. Mafia (this lumps in everyone who gets away with NOT obeying the

8. Corrupt Cops (they are not the norm but they give a bad name to
the clean ones)

7. Litterbugs (There is way too much trash in this BEAUTIFUL land
of ours...I am going on a crusade!)

6. Burning Trash (They might not use pesticides here but the air
filled with toxic burning plastic bottles can't be healthy!)

5. Potholes (sometimes it seems like more are added each night to
test pole position driving skills...NOT helpful)

4. Fully Tinted Car Windows (I mean ALL the windows, even the
WINDSHIELD, black as night.)

3. Armenian Rap (I guess once you stop laughing the music is almost

2. Armenian Brandy Filled-Crucifixes (I mean this is in poor taste
and sacrilegious)

1. The Evil Eye (This is seen everywhere in Armenia a blue eyeball
set in gold or wood, etc. hanging on doorposts, rearview mirrors,
BABIES!!! Okay so if we rest on the fact that we are the 1st
Christian Nation then, why are we hanging on to superstitions?

Loving my homeland but saying it like it is! Jonelle; )


fletch said...

Okay...I've read most of what you've written...but this is the first post to awaken me from my KIA blog slumber...

I'm with you on #s10-4...they would bug me too...not sure if I would begin a crusade, but they would definitely bug me...

However, I'm very interested in the final three, any chances you could throw down some examples...
Maybe a recording of Kalem singing some Armenian rap? A photo of the brandy filled crucifix? Some of your favorite evil eye examples?

Kazarian Family said...

tAndy, for you I would do anything. I will do what I can to get "proof" of these atrocities. : )

fletch said...

Thanks for the pictures...Ask and you shall receive...