Friday, May 9, 2008

Top 10 Best Things About Armenia

10. Walking right up to monuments, climbing on tanks, airplanes, etc
that would all be off limits in the States.

9. Ice Cream literally on every corner (I guess this is good and

8. Darling individual pastries and cakes for less than $1.00 (La
Boulangerie would charge about $5 for the same thing.)

7. No Car-Seats required (again good and bad!)

6. $0.50 Soorj available EVERYWHERE...(note---soorj or cafe is all
they call it...not Armenian Coffee AND Armenian's in Armenia have NO
problem admitting they got it from the get a grip in
the diaspora!

5. Delicious ORGANIC* fruits and veggies (*much more on this later!)

4. Shoe repair for less than $1.00!

3. 24 Hour SHOE STORES!!!!! (note for those of you who know my
Imelda side...I only have 5 pairs of shoes's almost like
suffocating : )

2. 9 Holidays in May with Full-On FIREWORKS EVERYTIME!!!

1. CHOCOLATE BUTTER!!!! (No explanation needed!!)

50% of my list is about food...I MUST BE ARMENIAN!
Enjoy Jonelle;)

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Mick Fuller said...

I just read the top ten list. Chris's response to the the #1 entry was a very homer Simpson-like "Chocolate butter on a croissant...mmmmmhhhhhmmmm" with a little drool and eyes rolling back ;)