Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vie Frankie: Part 2

One day I went to pick up the kids from Mangabardez and walked in to find Frankie dressed like this...but with his tennis shoes on!  Apparently he had an accident and his pants were spoiled or should I say SOILED, and this was all they had for him..teal girl's tights, size 6x with little Zummer Babi's (Santa Claus; literally Winter Papa) on the sides.  I could not stop laughing...I was trying to control myself what with the possibility of YET ANOTHER complex for my poor children...but I just COULD NOT contain myself.  And, if it was ANY one else they would have cried or had hurt feelings but not Frankie...he is my "tough-guy in teal tights"!  Jonelle; )


Mick Fuller said...

Get him a teal shirt, a cape and a mask and he could be the Greatest Armenian Hero! He has the best smile. Lillian is praying for you all in the evenings.
BTW, Chris and I both voted for purple.

Curious George said...

Those tights must have super-powers to elevate Frankie up off the floor like that and hold him parallel to the ground. No wonder he is smiling. Amazing!