Friday, February 29, 2008

Armenian Dollar Store

So if the Armenian Costco wasn't enough, today my cousin Vram and I
found "My Dollar Store." What's more is that is is actually full of
American Dollar store products, probably shipped over on some
container. I'm told originally the prices were one dollar or 300
drams, but now everything is 800 drams about $2.60. This was very
convenient for us since we recognized so many brands. We hit about
three more large "supermarkets" and the Armenian versions of Circuit
City and Best Buy, not to mention two pretty large potholes. The Niva
is covered in mud it looks like we have been on some kind of crazy 4x4
adventure, but here every other car is just about as dirty. Tomorrow
it will get a bath! Pictures will be coming soon... -kalem

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