Thursday, February 21, 2008

A long night

My plans to go into the city for supplies were thwarted by my Aunt
who said it was dangerous the day after the election. Apparently
there were a thousand soldiers in the city to keep the peace and
control demonstrators. we didn't get there until 7 p.m. by which time
we had to drive all over the city just to find one small group of
This little tour lead my cousins and myself to a family friends
neighborhood, where of course we had to stop in to say "Hi." Saying
hi equals: coffee, tea, fruit, desert, and long political
conversations, a little help with there computer, and the evening news
in the background. As we were going to pick my cousins son, we
stopped in at his brothers house for another quick "Hello" which
equaled about two more hours, left over potato and meat dinner, three
toasts, coffee, tea, fruit, desert, reminiscing about old times,
Russian dubbed movies playing in the background. By this point it was
obvious it was going to be a long night.
Our next stop was to drop one cousin off at his house, where we of
course all went in to say hi to his wife. We had two more hours,
three more toasts, juice, tea, desert, nuts and dried fruit, armenian
soap operas playing in the background.
It was very good that we had a driver who brought us back at which
point for some reason it seemed logical just to stay the night with my
cousins, even though I only lived one mile up the street, so as not to
bother the family at such a late hour.
At that very time Judi had woken Jonelle up, sad that she was missing
her father, there dialog continued for a couple of hours in and out of
bed, up and down the stairs, in and out of the kitchen and the
bathroom. Until finally everyone fell back to sleep.
Rising early, 9 a.m., I made my way up the hill through the very cold
and sleepy Yerevan morning, to find Judi fully dressed sitting on the
couch in anticipation of my arrival with the rest of the family asleep
in bed. This was a very long night for all of us.

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