Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was just going to the store

I was just going to the store with Judi when a neighbor stopped me
and asked who I was and where I was from, what I was doing here and
what I thought of Armenia. Another neighbor asked if we could help
him with his 60 year old house (he'd applied to habitat already). The
first guy then took me by the arm into his house, for coffee, (I had
just had coffee after dinner at our own house). There was no stopping
our new friend Ashot, because before the coffee we had to have some
kind of brandy, two shots. He had a daughter, Fenya, who is seven
days older than Judi. We planned to have them play together after
So back on our way to the store with our neighbor Ashot. Once there
he cut in line and got pasta for his dogs?!?! We waited and continued
our four day attempt to find cream, we have bought every milk product
so far except cream, milk, evaporated milk, sour cream, yogurt, cream
cheese, butter, and about three different kinds of cheese. I finally
called my cousin and again explained to him exactly what cream was and
he explained to the store keeper. They had a tiny bottle of it and I
was so excited, but he wouldn't give it to me!!! He said it was old
and tomorrow they would have more... after all that!
So when I went to pay I only had 5000 drams ($16) to pay my 1000 dram
bill. As usual in Armenia there was no change to be found, even after
asking every person in the store. Ashot finally loaned me the bill
and we were off. Then I borrowed a bill from Judi that she had at the
house and took a note she made for Fenya to Ashot. What do you think
happened? Of course we went back in the house, had another shot,
vodka this time. "This is an Armenian house!" he repeated over and
over again. Both Jonelle and I are learning that a trip to the
grocery store that is less than 100 yards away can take as long as an
hour or more, so now we plan accordingly.


Curious George said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. Was the cream for a dish you will bring to the next NPF? :-)

Kazarian Family said...

You don't even know how much we would love you all to come here for the next would all LOVE it. We miss you. Jonelle

Cheri said...

Miss you guys! Love your blog and reading all that is going on. Sounds like you have had an eventful week to say the least!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs to the kids, miss Frank in SS...just not the same w/o his smile!

Ruthie said...

Shots of Vodka? Dang! Why haven't I gone to Armenia yet? :) --ruthie