Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More car stories

Driving in Armenia requires quite a bit more concentration than
driving in the states. The pot holes are killing me, its pretty much
like going on a cross country 4x4 race, zigging and zagging, this way
and that. There are ice chunks, slick roads, hills, rocks, puddles,
people, police and more. I'm becoming more comfortable and learning
the roads and the rules a little more each day.
Registering the vehicle required going to one place that just made
copies of our passports and other documents, then going to the next
place that typed up the documents, and finally to a notary to stamp
and record our signatures. Like the grocery stores here you pay each
person for their services. I do have to say it was much easier than
waiting in line at the DMV!
We drove across town to get the Niva aligned, using some prehistoric
alignment system, it was interesting to say the least, but for $10 I'm
not complaining. I will probably have to visit that guy once a month,
considering the conditions of the road here.
And lastly I was chided by my cousin for not using my turn signal.
The police will jump at the chance to write a ticket for that yet
anyone and everyone can throw trash out the window right in front of
the police, no problem. Actually the police are probably throwing
more trash as they sit in their cars waiting to write tickets or take

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Curious George said...

Does your car have a radio? Your ride would be a lot better if your radio could play Pot-Hole Driving Music. It is kinda like when we would listen to Four-Wheel Drive music heading to Tollhouse Rock.