Thursday, February 21, 2008

We made it

The kids really did great the whole trip over, especially considering their sicknesses, and we are glad to be off of the airplanes.  After our short jaunt from Moscow to Yerevan, (3 hours, was nothing compared to the 13 from LA), we were the last to go through customs because we had yet to get the kids visas.
The customs official tried to give us a hard time because he thought we might be bringing in new products to sell in the 5 boxes (people do this to avoid the 20% Value Added Tax).  So far I am 5 for 5 for being hassled in someway or another coming into the country.  Don't let me scare you, I usually bring weird things, like drip irrigation systems, or electronics, or tools, or my hair had been long in the past, and a couple of times I came in with a passport that had been through the wash.
My family greeted us and brought us directly to our rental apartment in Nork Marash above Yerevan.  We had a great sleep during the day on Monday, and an even better party at Aunt Rosanna's house.  Where Jonelle and the kids were greeted by the family for the first time.
Peter and Frank were a bit more shy and tired with their colds. Judi was in with everyone soaking it all up.  She cleaned up with about 5 stuffed animals, building blocks, and a sweater/dress.  Nana made one of her famous cakes, 4 layers, chocolate & vanilla 8" tall and about 14" diameter, all from scratch, they just keep getting bigger every time.
Not even mentioning the extravagant spread of dolmas, blintz, vegetables, meats, breads, etc that lined the table from one end to the other.  Toasts were made and we drank our vodka or wine (which this time was served in an old cognac bottle, as it is new wine an cheeper to buy direct in an old two litter soda bottle).
We are tired now and it is time to say good night.

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