Friday, February 29, 2008

A local call for you

Our Vonage phone is up and working! We are enjoying easy to dial,
clear calls to and from home. You need only dial our old house phone
number just like we were back home. We pay a flat monthly fee for
unlimited calling and then we pay monthly for our DSL internet
connection. This has been such a great thing for us, we have been so
encouraged by talking to our friends and family. We are enjoying this
now as we are not sure how well things will work in the village. If
you call us we would only ask that you call from the hours of 8 PM
Pacific Standard Time to 10 AM PST. Although you all are sleeping
most of that time, those are the hours we are awake, since there is a
12 hour time difference between Fresno and Yerevan.


Curious George said...

I am sorry I missed your call last night. Cindy said she could hear your voice loud and clear. Amazing!

sjarakelian said...

Awesome, those are about my hours too. Thanks for the e-mail about the blog. Funny stories. Except for lack of sleep, it sounds like things are going well.