Friday, February 29, 2008

Only 3 Days in and Frankie Gets Kicked Out of Kindergarten

So I go to pick up the kids from "Kindergarten" today and two of the
nice grandma teachers immediately come up to me and start "discussing"
Frank. I am not quiet sure of what they were saying so I purposefully
looked confused. They continued...apparently, what I got from the
whole thing is that they wanted him to come again in 2 or 3 weeks.
They said he was too young...What? My 2 1/2 year old is TOO young for
Kindergarten? Are you kidding me...he is so bright and articulate and
so darn cute....What could they possibly be saying. With some more
explaination and a lot of hand gestures I then came to realize that
they wanted him to be POTTY TRAINED...and I said, "Well, join the
club...WE ALL WANT HIM POTTY TRAINED!!!!" No really I nodded
apologetically and promised that only Judi & Peter would return on
Monday. When I told Frank he got Kicked out he said, "No I was there
today!" When I explained that he couldn't go because he doesn't do
PeePee and PooPoo in the toilet his reply, "I tried that and I
can't!" Got to love Franko. We knew this one would be Armenia's
greatest challenge.
: ) jonelle


Nicole =) said... with Jonelle!!! When you were not at BSF the Wed before you left Juls & I were so bummed. I did not officially say goodbye to you at dinner b/c I knew I would see you at BSF =( I am so sorry y'all were sick...that is just WRONG..what's up with that? Love reading about your adventure..and boy does it sound like one. Tell Frankie that he needs to go in the potty and go to school, so mommy can keep sleeping!!! That's awesome, so jealous. Just to make you smile, Alex Majors was trying to find Curtis Jan's phone # so "Nicole Pruett" could call him...we were not successful but laughing all the same. Hugs & Love to you and your family!! Nic =)

John said...

we haven't gotten to the potty trained phase yet. Any wisdom?

Joanie said...

Oh what fun!!
Have you contacted anyone to film you for a reality show? Too much good stuff to let this one get away!!!!
Possible titles for your show...(I've borrowed a couple...)
1.Keeping up with the Armenia
2.The Kazarians next door...
3. Pothole dodging with the Kazarians...
take care, I love your spirit of adventure!
(Water down the vodka! they'll never know!)
Love and kisses to all,
Joanie Bedrosian

Una said...

Okay, so I have been reading your blog and loving it! I would like to analyze the percentage of blogs that goes to shopping and seeking food! I love the story of Frankie getting kicked out of kindergarten - it is AWESOME!

Janet said...

Poor Frankie - Hey Jonelle, we talked about this. Jordan was like that. Frankie will be ready when he is ready. He just might surprise you someday - when you least expect it! Besides - who starts Kinder. at 2 1/2?? Boy, they really kick those kids out the door!!
Stay warm & sleep well!

Hugs & Prayers & Blessings from the Kiessling family from Fresno, California

P.S. Jordan made it on the Jr. team @ BTB. He loves it! He's doing flips in the air with Coach Kyle and Coach Matt. He also stands up on their hands. He is having a BLAST!
Oh Yea - let me know if Judi wants a penpal - Jaclynn would love to have one!

Melinda said...

I love reading your blog. I hang on every word! Don't sweat the small stuff Frank! We love you!