Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Children went to SCHOOL!!!!! Without ME!!!!

Hello All,
It is Jonelle here trying to fully recover from the flu/cold/sinus
pressure that makes my head feel like that new star trek guy with all
those puffy folds on his forehead and the bridge of his nose! Kalem
FINALLY agreed to let me sleep in to try and make up for 4 nights in a
row of INSOMNIA...Just a side note for all of you who don't know Kalem
too is always, "ADVANCE ADVANCE, never Retreat!" (and if
anyone knows what movie that line comes from you will get special
props on our illustrious blog!). I digress, so I woke up at 1PM!!!
today, oh glorious sleep (we had a party last night...more on that
later). When I awoke the apartment was unusually QUIET so I ambled
down the white and grey marble stairs to Kalem sitting on the
couch...ALONE. I stopped for a moment with a look of
confusion...Kalem said triumphantly, "The kids are not here!" Sweet
Mother of Mary, "You didn't take them to school did you...not without
me...????!!!!#$@%% : ) So Kalem, feeling so proud of himself to have
gotten all three of them to a little Kindergarten a short walk from
our house, without the interference of the homeschooling MOTHER. So I
am conflicted...I want to protect/be with my children in this NEW
COUNTRY as well as learn with them and I want to SUBMIT to my Strong
Armenian Husband...Kendra...council me!!!! : ) Needless to say I
have never had such a nice HOT breakfast, did my Armenian lesson and
gotten to use the computer all in one 2 hour period. I love you all
and will let you know about my first evening of entertaining...Martha
Stewart is DEFINATELY on VACATION! Peace of Christ with you all. I
love your comments.


Kenj said...

I have NO counsel for you, honey! I am married to an Italian-- need I say more???

Pray and duck, and let God hit Kalem ;D

Kazarian Family said...

Thank you and thank you. Kalem said, "HEY!" Love you. They did alright and the teachers already think Peter is Brilliant! : )

Garo Family said...

The only way Adrineh and I learned Spanish was going to school in Spain. Boy did we learn fast! and best of all we made a lot of friends.
Maybe the only way the kids would have ended up in school was for Kalem to be that Armenian husband. I hope they had a great time at school.

Paula said...

Don't worry you could always go back to homeschooling later. I have friends who are missionaries in Papua New Guinea and they seem to go back and forth between school and homeschool. It seems like their kids like the variety. Isn't it amazing how adaptable kids are?!