Thursday, February 21, 2008

no internet

Day three, still no internet. Our second day Jonelle and the kids
slept, trying to recover from the flu we had, and I tried to unpack
our stuff, and buy food and other supplies. Since we are further up
the hill from the city, we have a great view, but the small stores
here are a little lacking. So a drive, walk or shuttle down to the
city is the answer for items that we cannot find here in our area.
Tuesday was the presidential election, and so most places were closed,
so today, Wednesday we will try to get connected to the internet in
our apartment.
An interesting thing has been happening, every night, sometime around
4 AM our entire family is awake. Remember we all sleep in one giant
room upstairs in this apartment. For about an hour Frank wanders
around as we tell him to get back in bed, Peter coughs relentlessly,
and Judi cries as she is sad and this is the hour she most misses
everyone back home. We stay in bed and fall back to sleep, I wake up
earlier and like good Armenians the rest of the family sleeps most of
the morning away. I have been told by some that morning in Armenia
doesn't start until 11, others have referred to 3 p.m. as still
morning. So far we have not really had breakfast just one big supper
type meal and random snacks. I guess it will take us a while to
establish some system that works for us.

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Kenj said...

Hey everyone! So glad to hear your news. Hey, can I become an honorary Armenian? I'd like morning to start at 11... or 3...