Friday, February 29, 2008

There's Been A Lot of Talk, Maybe, Maybe Too Much Talk

So now a word about Jonelle's sleeping habits. There has been a lot
of talk about why I am sleeping SO much lately, so much talk that I
decided to dedicate this blog entry for all of you who are concerned/
obsessed/worried about why I, Jonelle am sleeping SOOOO much. First
the top 10 Reasons People THINK I am sleeping so much:

10. I have joined the Armenian Mafia and I work nights so I have
to sleep all day.
9. I am depressed about leaving my homeland and I have lost the
desire to get up.
8. I have eaten so much gata and drank so much coffee with
sugar that I am too FAT to get out of bed.
7. I drink TOO much VODKA so I am hung over and CAN'T get out
of bed.
6. I am pregnant so I need much more sleep.
5. I don't want to try and learn Eastern Armenian so I stay in
bed where no Hayastantzs can get to me.
4. That is what Armenian wives is a part of submission
to their husbands.
3. I have narcalepsy.
2. It is winter and I "hye"-bernate in the winter.
1. I am LAZY!

I hope you all had a laugh or two...NOW for the REAL REASONS....

10. I took my final Marriage and Family Exam one week before we
left and had to study a lot before our move.
9. I packed up my entire life, house, family and boxed it up
to stay in America and to come to Armenia.
8. I became deathly ill 4 days before we left and was sick in
bed with the flu.
7. After our farewell party the night before we left I didn't
get to sleep until after 1am and had to wake up at 6am.
6. I traveled 3 1/2 hours by car to LA and 16 hours in
airplanes, with three children under 6 years old.
5. Got to Yerevan at 3am and got out of the airport by 4am
with 5--50lb boxes and 5-50lb suitcases.
4. I had insomnia for 4 nights straight not getting to sleep
until after 3 or 4 in the morning. 3. My husband, trying to
get us all on a "schedule" disallowed me sleep for the first 5
days until he realized.
2. I had to say goodbye, not very well to my old life and all
my family and friends = emotional wear and tear.
1. I am just plain TIRED!!!!!

Thank you for your indulgence of me. Besides Armenia is a wonderful
country where people stay up late and SLEEP's freezing outside
and nothing gets going until 11am anyway. So cut me some
slack...besides I bet some of you are a bit jealous! : ) When was
the last time you got to stay in bed until 1 in the afternoon. I love
you all! From my BED! Jonelle;)


Mick Fuller said...

If you hadn't mentioned the Armenian Mafia, I would have been able to accept your 10 "real" reasons. Now I'm thinking that you secretly had the corvair shipped over there and you are cruising around Yrevan in the middle of the night looking for people on a list. Although the submission thing sounds plausible too.

We continue to pray for you. Can you post pics somewhere or have you already done so and I'm an idiot for not knowing.?

Kazarian Family said...

Thanks for the prayers. Kalem keeps promising me that he is going to take pictures and post them...but he has been too busy at the Armenian Costco and The DOLLAR STORE...Really there is one with things from the American Dollar Tree. We will get pics soon. love you Fullers

Janet said...

Dear Jonelle - Hey to go from here to there - WOW! You and your family are an inspiration to all of us! You take as long as you need to "unpack" your life! Your life is over there for right now!!

Love the updates!!

Hugs & Prayers & Blessings from the Kiessling family from Fresno, California