Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Adventure Begins!

We said farewell to America today, to friends, family and the
"American way." Our Friday night goodbye party was fun, thank you so
much for those of you who were able to make it. It was truly a
blessing to have you there to show your support.

You might have heard that our whole family fell ill with the flu days
before our departure. This was quite a difficult obstacle to deal
with, as we were packing our bags to leave the country, packing up our
things that were staying, say good bye to people, and stay in bed and
rest?!?!? Through this time we have solidified our adoption of our
family slogan for the year, "Attitude of Gratitude."

It was also quite interesting taking 5 suitcase and 5 boxes, each
weigh the maximum 50 pounds, through the airport with 3 children and
all of our carry on items. Lets just say we are glad that part is over.

Thinking back on the last couple of weeks and days there was a very
funny question that many people repeatedly would ask, "are you taking
that with you?" Or the varrient, "are you taking _____ with you?"
Since so many people are interested in what we plan to live with for
the next 7 months here is a list of the more interesting items:

150 pounds of clothes

50 pounds of shoes

50 pounds of gifts

50 pounds of electronic equipment including a printer/scanner.

55 pounds of pictures of peter and frank, there out of date scrapbooks
and a whole lot of stickers.

35 pounds of homeschooling supplies

35 pounds of transformers 3000 Watts being the biggest

30 pounds of kitchen supplies including a vita mix blender (11 amps),
we do like our smoothies!!?!

20 pounds of toiletries?!?!!?! Jonelle! [oh, give me a break will
'ya...i'm mov'in across the world, i should at least have my

15 pounds of personal tools

10 pounds of Juice Plus +

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Kenj said...

Hey guys!

I came online tonight expressly to check and see if you'd made it there safely. We've been praying for you since yesterday (Saturday).

Love you all!

~Kenj and fam