Saturday, March 8, 2008


We got home from our day trip to the village and we were all very
tired. We walked in and attempted to go to the bathroom and wash our
hands and low and behold THERE WAS NO WATER! No sooner did we
discover this when Serob's wife, (her name is actually Gohar, but keep
them straight because we have about 6 Gohar's in our life right NOW!)
came over...we immediately pleaded innocent and told her we had been
gone ALL day and there was NO way she could pin this one on US! She
was coming over to let us know that both the water and the gas were
off because they were working on the gas line. She told us there
would be no gas or water for a day (now if that meant this day that we
just had or the next, was anybody's guess!) The next thing that came
out of Gohar's mouth I did not understand but apparently she said,
"Your children are sitting so nicely and quietly, good job!" Praise
GOD! I guess the 6 hours in the car, no real naps, delirium,
sedatives, good parenting and the tranquilizer gun had really been
paying off! Thank you for all your prayers. I don't think they are
looking at us with SO much distain anymore. In fact, Gohar even asked
me if I wanted a new vinyl tablecloth for the kitchen table...We are
SO in! Love you all! Jonelle;)

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