Tuesday, March 4, 2008


And if I thought it wouldn't get worse...Ha! Silly Girl. On Sunday morning we got up and ate a delicious breakfast of Scrambled Eggs with Basterma, Salty Cheese, Warmed Gata, Coffee, and Fruit (oh, yeah...you know I am ALL about Food in EVERY COUNTRY!) We finished our breakfast, I washed the dishes (by hand...even though we have been provided with a dishwasher...by the by...our local grocer was trying to tell us that we could put laundry detergent in the dishwasher, "Ha, Amen Makeena!" (Yeah. All Machines!) I don't think I want my dishes smelling like some overly perfumed elderly Armenian woman!...again, I digress. So as I was washing the dishes I put Peter and Franko in the shower/tub combo and filled up the little tub and let them play. I finished the dishes and then scrubbed up the boys (oh, they had not bathed in 3 or 4 days...we are trying to respect the "Customs" here!) After they were done Kalem shaved and showered. Then the phone starting ringing. We heard all about the riots of the previous evening, gunshots, tanks, burning cars...(for those of you who are following my Armenian Sleep Depravation Experiment...that night was the ONLY one I fell right to sleep and didn't hear a sound! Go Figure.) So while Kalem was getting the info and the warnings I was in the shower taking advantage of our "endless" hot water tank. Massaging my stiff neck (this will be an entire blog but no room now) and shaving the primate legs! By the time Judi started her bath we knew we were not going to church AGAIN because of the army with automatic rifles on every corner and the tanks in Republic Square. [If you don't recall, our church expericnce last week was hysterical. We made it to the church around 11:15am and walked in to everyone standing up and beginning to pray. Two Badvelis prayed for no more that 5 minutes and church was over. The kids said, "THAT WAS THE BEST CHURCH EVER!"] So two weeks and no church for the Kazarians. Back to the shower...pretty soon Judi says, "Mommy there's no water!" So we got her washed off with spare water we had in buckets and bottles and at last after many days the whole family was clean and ready for Church which we had in our own apartment replete with worship songs, call to worship, Scripture reading, two sermons, confession, prayer, and the doxology. Now why? you ask is this called Busted...AGAIN? Well, when we were fresh and clean and finished with worship...SEROB'S DAD came over and let us know that we had used the ENTIRE WATER TANK FOR THE WHOLE APARTMENT and we would have no more water until the tank refilled...the NEXT DAY!!! Again the embarrassment. Again the shame. But Serob's Dad offered us some friendly advice: 1) Don't Flush the Toilet!, 2) Don't wash clothes or anything until the night, AND 3) One person should shower a WEEK!!!!!! That means I am due for my next bath sometime in April! Lord help us all!


Garo Family said...

we are praying always!! We love you all stinky or clean!!!

Anthony said...

"Those rude and entitled Americans!!"

At least we all in Fresno know that you are good and considerate people. I pray that you will quickly adapt to your new cultural context, and that your relationship with your neighbors will quickly improve.

Peace be with you.

Alex Tav said...

dont worry guys, hang in there! we're still prayin for you! i heard you have skype, what is your username (JL you can send it to Phil T.) this blog just keeps getting better everyday!

Alex Tavlian

Kenj said...

I was sitting here drinking blackberry iced tea and I swear I almost lost it out my nose, I'm laughing so hard!!!

If it's any consolation, we here country folk on septic that's rigged up to the pond out front can only get any water pressure when anything else (including the heater or ac) is running. Remember Kramer? Yep, that's pretty much every shower around here. And we can count by our watches how much hot water we'll get before the scalding surge of blistering hot water attacks...

Janet said...

WOW - Jonelle - 1 person a week!!!!
We are so spoiled here in America!!
We think nothing of doing the dishes and everybody taking showers! The Whole apartment complex!
Girl - we will lift you all up in Prayer - stink and all!!!

Hugs & Prayers & Blessings from the Kiessling family from Fresno, California