Sunday, March 30, 2008

Broken Glass

The first week we were in Armenia Jonelle accidently broke a plate, I
thought, "no big deal it is a common pattern we can replace it."
The second week, she broke a china cup, and to that I said, "now that
is going to be a little harder to find." That same week I broke a
glass of which we had a bunch of and I said, "we have a lot no one
will miss it."
The third week, she broke a mug, and I said, "I didn't really like
the pattern or style, no big deal." Then she broke the saucer to the
china cup, to which I said, "Well now they are even again." Peter
broke a shot glass, and I said, "Now what was the Peter doing with a
shot glass?"
The fourth week Jonelle broke another plate different pattern of
course, and I just shrugged my shoulders, and then I broke another
china cup, and although no one saw, they are uneven now. Jonelle then
proceeded to break a ice cream bowl, and a coffee cup, I said nothing.
The fifth week Judi broke a coffee cup (she said it was the boys
fault) and then she dropped a jar of strawberry jam, Jonelle said
"couldn't you have dropped the rose hip jam?" Later that day I
dropped a jar of natural juice mix in the same spot, to which Vram
said "we can save it, quick get a strainer!" Jonelle then moved the
dresser away from the wall which cause the mirror that was neither
attached to the dresser nor nailed to the wall to fall and break both
mirror and frame! I shouldn't of said anything but what ever I did say
wasn't very helpful. Later that day the boys were fighting over using
the computer and attempting to get Frank out of the way Peter decided
to push the whole table over! Fortunately the laptop did not break,
but one of the two glass inserts from the table did, to this our
friend Gohar said, "You just need to break one more thing today to
stop the cycle." Jonelle obliged her by breaking a tea cup in serving
her tea that night.
I'm publishing this now because either the cycle stops, or we will be
out of dishes soon. If Serop's wife only knew...


Keidi said...

You guys are both such great writers! I am enjoying the details of your trip so much, and how frequently you update. Good work! Your blog has so much for us back here in the USA: lessons, funny stuff, inspirations,'s nice to hear about the differences in life/lifestyle, to shake me up out of my routine and help remind me that there's a whole other world out there. Thank you! Keep it up!
(Sorry about all the broken glass, though. It's all about the angles. I almost break glasses all the time, but they don't break, miraculously, unless the angle is wrong. Deep, I know.) Keidi

Mick Fuller said...

get plastic. or concrete. that might even be a nice little cottage capitalist industry for you Kalem. concrete countertops and matching coffee service. I am starting wonder if you are all suffering from some sort of silica-phobia disorder or slippery hands disease.

Curious George said...

Breaking glass is partly caused by the spinning of the earth and global warming. No need to worry.

Grant said...

You know what the Armenians over there say about broken stuff right?......"chara khapanvets"

Narek said he saw you recently and you Armenian was pretty decent, so I know you will know what that means!

Silva said...

Jonelle, do you remember our conversation at the Howsepians' at Aris's birthday? As soon as I read the title of this message I immediately thought that...

~ Silva