Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me Ara

May of you have asked how the kids Armenian is progressing, well let
me tell you. Judi, aka "Voch" (No), Peter aka "Che Garalee" (can't),
and Frank aka "Me Ara" (don't), are learning just fine. Collectively
they have picked up the majority of the words spoken at the
kindergarden. Which are those mentioned above, in addition to
"che" (no), "em-na" (mine), "ee-ah" (mimicking the sound of a donkey,
you get the idea), and the there is the famous "ts" (kind of like
tisk, or a polite way to say ee-ah, or a stronger way to say no). The
other day Frank, arrived when he had his first complete fight with a
classmate completely in Armenian! It was hard not to smile when the
teachers explained that Frank had said, "Voch, em-na, voch, em-na" as
I cared more about him learning and using Armenian than the poor
sharing skills at this time. And so it has been around the house with
"Me ara" here and "che garalee" there and every where "Voch, voch,

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