Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Frankie Got Kicked BACK IN!!!

So have any of you read this book, "Potty Training in LESS Than a
Day"? The authors assert that 4 hours, lots of water, a doll that
pees, a potty chair and you are bound for success. As you can see by
the photo and my total determination to NOT have my 2 1/2year old
Genius Kicked out of Kindergarten, I have deftly taught Frank who's
the boss with regard to Elimination! And he is so happy about it
too...can't you tell from this is a great picture! Okay I am lying.
Frank actually DID go POOP in the toilet this BY NO MEANS equals that
Frank is potty trained! I have begun my first of many books expressly
for parents: It is entitled, "Potty Training In Less Than a YEAR!"
Monday we took Judi and Peter to Kindergarten and the teachers said,
"Where is Frank?" Kalem told them that I had explained to him that
Frank was not to return until he was Potty Trained in about 2 or 3
weeks. "CHE, CHE, CHE" (NO, NO, NO!!!) they replied. Then they
proceeded to tell Kalem what they ACTUALLY said to me on Friday.
Apparently, they were merely OUT OF HIS DIAPERS and they wanted a 2 or
3 week supply. What can I say...this is a New Country and a new
Language for me. All is well once again...but, but, but, we will go
to the Village tomorrow....I can only imagine what stories will
follow. Stay Tuned! Love Jonelle;)


Curious George said...

We tried the "Potty Train a Child in One Day" and it worked. John was potty trained for One Day!

Janet said...

WOW - what a language barrier!! And we can top that for your book - it took 2 1/2 years for Jordan to decide to be potty trained!!

Hugs & Prayers & Blessings from the zkiessling family from Fresno, California

Mick Fuller said...

That is the mother of all blackmail pictures. we are going to archive copies of that pic for Judi and Peter to use in 10-12 years. Also, some high school yearbooks publish baby photos of the graduating seniors....
Seriously, we love you all and Chris is particularly fond of Frank, so we are happy he gets to re-enter the hallowed halls of learning. And you get some daytime solitude back.
BTW, what are the Armenian words for diaper and toilet? I want to add them to my lexicon. "Odar" is just so lonely...

hyefive said...

We are SO proud of Frankie!! That is the THE BEST PICTURE! It was a great discussion item at dinner tonight!

We love you guys! You are in our prayers!

Rich, Deanna, and Girlies

Paula said...

We potty trained Ethan in about 2 - 3 days by forcing him to walk around with nothing but a long t-shirt on. He was NOT very happy with the arrangement the first day either. Then again, we waited until after he was a little over three years to try, which would mean he was about 8 months older than Frank when he finally got it. . .