Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Little Missionaries

I am always amazed at what things stick in Judi, Peter, & Frank's minds.  From random facts to gross details on any number of topics.  But, the last week I have been overwhelmed with joy, gratefulness, and love as they have shared their hearts in different ways.  

JUDI: Judi came home from school and said, "Mommy, I don't think these people know about Jesus."  Why do you say that?  "Well, they never pray before they eat."  Jude, that doesn't mean that they don't know about Jesus it might just mean that they are not in the practice of praying before they eat.  "Well, we need to tell them about Jesus!"  Okay Jude.  How about the next time you eat at school YOU can pray before you eat.  Maybe that will remind them if they have forgotten.  THE NEXT DAY Judi came home from school and said, "Mommy, I prayed before I ate today.  Nobody else did but I'm going to keep on doing it!"

PETER: We were eating dinner at our relatives home and just as we were sitting around and talking Peter said in a half whisper (which is just below yelling for Pete!) "Mommy let's tell them about GOD!"  Okay Pete do you want to share one of your favorite stories?  Samson, David & Goliath, Elijah?  "No.  I want to tell them about Jesus!"  Okay what about Jesus?  "That He died on the Cross for our sins so we could be in Heaven with HIM!"  Okay Pete, you tell Daddy and he will translate what you want to say.  "No Mommy.  YOU DO IT!"

Someone please let Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Saul, Mrs. Scrivner, & Mrs. Forrest their work in the BSF Children's program brings glory to God through out the WORLD!  Thank you and we love and miss you all...Franko's teachers too!!!

FRANK: Frank has been enamored with Judi's Polly Pocket Toy Cell Phone with dial tone, ringing, and of course Polly, herself giving "secret" messages to meet her at the mall.  It is the one thing he loves to take from Judi's purse and walk around talking to Polly.  The other night Frank picks up the phone, opens it and starts dialing.  He put the phone to his ear and said, "Hello JESUS!  It's Frank!"

We have been praying daily about opportunities to talk with people about Jesus and learn about their relationship with Jesus.  Armenia has always boasted about being the 1st Christian nation accepting Christ in 301AD.  We have a rich heritage of loving Christ, serving Christ and dying because we WOULD NOT renounce Christianity.  God has given many gifts of talking with those we love most about Jesus.  We are learning about the place of tradition, who they believe Jesus to be and the meaning of His sacrifice on the Cross.  It is so wonderful to share our relationship with Jesus with them and encourage them to know Jesus truly by reading the Bible and having a relationship with HIM.  Tradition is wonderful in it's rightful place and knowing that we have come from a lineage of martyrs is an amazing blessing, but the joy of the daily, living, communion with Jesus is the gift we want to bring to our homeland.  We have been told that Armenia doesn't need to know about Jesus, they are CHRISTIANS already.  To that we say, we all need to know Jesus, deeper and deeper daily and know who it is we worship, live for, and serve.  Thank you for your prayers and the ways that God works in us to encourage, grow and deepen our love for Jesus TOGETHER.  God is so Good!  Love Jonelle;)


Mick Fuller said...

Frank's little conversation with Christ has the beginnings of a sermon written all over it. It is so good to know that we all have Jesus' number and can reach Him any time we want. We love you all.

Keidi said...

Don't convert Orthodox people! Just kidding. I'm loving this blog, you guys are great writers and it's so fun to hear the details of your life in Armenia. Keep it up! Kisses to the kiddos! Keidi

Nicole =) said...

I am also loving the blogs. I check almost daily and can't BELIEVE how often you post cool! You should be just be over flowing with pride on how awesome your kids know Jesus and want to share it with others. Beautiful!!! Love you!