Friday, March 14, 2008

Great Finds in Armenia

1. Clothes Dryer: Energy efficient, environmentally friendly,
portable, easy to use.
2. Instant Hot Water Pot: Heats cold water to a boil in about a
minute, auto shutoff, auto stay warm feature.
3. Water Heating Element: Warms single cups of coffee, tea or water in
minutes, pocket size, great for reheating.
4. Gas/Electric Combo Range Oven: Single electric burner, electric
oven, three gas burners, you never know which utility will be off.
5. Jazva: Small pot for heating Armenian coffee (with fine grounds
mixed in), careful it doesn't overflow. (on stove, notice spill)
6. Single Blade Razor: Economical, (Band Aids not included)
7. Folding Table: Great space saver, versatile, excellent for parties
(plant and card sent for Jonelle's birthday, from sister Kim in Fresno!)
8. Wood Handle Mop: Local product, use special cloth or any old
clothes. (notice kids art work wall)
9. Mini Broom: Economical, local product, great for kids. (Peter
really likes it!) And another reason everyone walks hunched over!


Kenj said...

Yipes! Methinks it's time to grow a beard.

Hey Jonelle- maybe it's time for a hair growing contest a la Mexicali...

Karen G. said...

Dang, that water heating element gave me flashbacks to epilady sessions in our basement in Camden. Am I right? Isn't it at least a little similar?

MrsMangas said...

Thank God you have all the wonderful modern conveniences! Definite proof that God does provide and what more could one ask? It is so wonderful to watch your family grow and hear and see all the great things that the Kazarian's are doing. Thanks for all the updates. Our love and prayers with you always. Shela

Janet said...

Awesome toys Kazarian family!!!!
Uh, Kalem.....did you pack the electric razor??? OUCH!!!
Everything looks awesome! Happy faces and I love the artwork on the wall...good job kids!!!

Hey by the way - Jonelle - the Lord's Will was done. The judge came through. The president of education in Sacramento sent out a letter on Friday. Homeschooling Is Still LEGAL in California!!! It is still not settled between the family but at least the state of California is out of the discussion!! PRAISE THE LORD!

Weel you all have a good day - I think that it is day time right now! Hey have you all learned Armenian yet?? How are the kids taught in school - english or armenian??

Hugs & Prayers & Blessings from the Kiessling family from Fresno, California

MarielsMom said...

HI, Kazarians !

Mariel's mom here ! I haven't heard from her but I'm hoping the chocolate chips travelled well. I think she was more concerned about getting there with those than her CLOTHES !!!

Tell my child to write home ! Love, MOM !