Friday, March 14, 2008

I got pulled over!

Finally, I got pulled over today.  The funniest thing was that I knew I was going to get pulled over some where some time during this little adventure.  The reason for this (besides divine) is that I did not follow any of the simple routes I have memorized, nor did I have my cousins directing me, but rather tried to head in the general direction of the multiple stops I was to make (maybe over confident, with humility enough to know I would probably make some mistake).  This is like when you are learning to ride your bike and you just go for it.  So here is the conversation:
"I supposed you didn't know you could make a left turn there?" He said, as I handed him all of my documents before he asked for them, which all seemed to get in the way of the cigarette he was casually smoking.
"No, I didn't, I am still learning, I just came here. Was there a letter (I meant to say sign) that said that?"
"yes, it was written on the street" (remember you can barely see the lines after winter)
"Oh, there was a big truck there and I didn't see it"
"Okay, this time, but don't do it again, you are a guest" as he gave the papers back.
And that was it.  It was a good experience, and I thank God for breaking me in slowly!

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