Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Points

The highlight of taking the kids to the year round fair last weekend
(like Roading Park), was not the dragon ride although we did have fun,
but rather coming down from the fairs-wheel I saw the operator spray
underarm deodorant into his jacket in the vicinity of his armpits on
to his clothing.

Today was the first day that all three kids walked to school, and no
one cried.

Today is the first day in the last two weeks that jonelle is not
soaking some grain or legume or her feet...

Most restaurants and stores pretty much every where, has a general
smell of cigaret smoke, including food handled at our small
neighborhood grocery store. It is not uncommon for butchers, or
clerks or even waiters to light up a cigarette while they are working.

The litter has been driving us "environmentally friendly" Americans
crazy, as well as the local solution of burning everything including
plastic bags. Stray dogs dig through plastic bags looking for food
and litter it everywhere, drivers of cars blatantly throw trash out
windows, people standing talking just drop trash. Just a few days ago
we saw the first wave of "city workers" cleaning up this littered
trash from the main roads.

Speaking of main roads it is also not uncommon to find about 5 or 6
guys huddled around a small hole they dug in the road, re-welding some
pipe, only to leave, yes... another pot hole!


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