Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Woman's Day

So Armenia has a few things totally right that we have missed in
America. (The Dillers, Laws, & Bantas will have to weigh in on their
experiences from around the globe). In Armenia March 8th is called
Woman's Day. In America we have Mother's Day so you only get
celebrated if you have a child...pretty lame. In Armenia all women
and girls are honored, loved, and celebrated today. Kalem and I were
discussing this "holiday" and Kalem said, "I wonder when Man's Day
is?" My reply, "In ARMENIA the other 364 days of the YEAR are MAN'S
DAYS!!!" I must say it was a nice day and I received a small bouquet
of purple crocus from our cousins and Kalem bought me a ring and
matching earrings from the Verneesage (the coolest open air market
with all of the wonderful things that artistic, crafty, talented, and
shrewd Armenians bring to sell. So Be Armenian TODAY and CELEBRATE
YOUR WOMEN & GIRLS. I night out to dinner, a movie, etc...go all out,
its WOMAN'S DAY! love Jonelle;)


Taran said...

Well, I wished I had read this yesterday!!! We had basketball games to get the kids to and Jared's baseball practice! Jaclynn and I could have used a Women's Day!! Oh Well!! Hope Yours was fun!! That'll teach me to check this EVERYDAY!!
Hope You all had a fun Sunday. Pray for Water and gas!!

Hugs & Prayers & Blessings from the Kiessling family from Fresno, California

Janet said...

Sorry that last comment was from Janet Kiessling - NOT taran!