Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vodka and Garlic

    Before we came to Armenia we were warned about some local medical practices we might find in the villages.  This American who had lived in one such village for five years said, "don't be surprised if they offer to rub garlic on a broken arm as a remedy."  So, yesterday, I was pretty stuffed up with a sinus cold, and I saw my cousin Vram rub vodka on his nose.  Investigating further I found out that this, and garlic, are remedies and protection from colds.  Ashot who is married to my cousin Nana has been insisting for days now that drinking Vodka will cure anything.  The following is a list of all of the local remedies I tried before the days end:
1) rubbing vodka on my nose
2) drinking vodka
3) eating garlic
4) drinking vodka
5) stuffing Q-tips dipped in chopped garlic and vodka mixture in my nose
6) drinking vodka
7) eating vodka and chopped garlic mixture
8) drinking vodka
9) stuffing chopped garlic and vodka in my nose
10) drinking vodka
11) hot water on my face
12) drinking vodka
13) sleeping
14) Oh, and did I mention drinking vodka!
I feel a little better but not sure what really did the trick, I don't really recommend these cures as they pretty much all burn quite a bit!  After witnessing the events of yesterday, Judi now wants to rub garlic on all of her sores!  -Kalem

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